Bollinger bands

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Bollinger Bands are a popular technical analysis tool composed of a simple moving average (usually based on 20 periods) and an upper and lower band drawn above and below the SMA located two standard deviations away from the SMA. When… Continue Reading


Support and resistance

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There is perhaps no other concept in Forex trading that is more important than support and resistance. While many novice traders might expect the market to move up or move down in one big move, this is simply not how… Continue Reading


Reports that move the dollar

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Technical analysis suggests the where of price—it suggests to the trader where price is heading. Fundamental analysis provides the “why” of where price is heading. Currencies are moved by economic news events. These news events are often in the form… Continue Reading


Four tips for successful forex trading

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Forex trading can be a rewarding activity, but it takes time and dedication to be profitable and effective. These are four tips for Forex traders to improve their chances of having a successful Forex trading career.


Overview of fundamental analysis

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Fundamental analysis is one of the two ways of explaining price in the Forex market. The other school of thought is technical analysis. Fundamental analysis relies on economic and monetary data to determine where price is going. Fundamental analysis also… Continue Reading